Evaluating Online Discussion Forums: Usenet Newsgroups and the Classroom

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Fall 1998


In recent years, teachers have begun to use the Internet as a teaching tool. Language and culture teachers, for example, have been using e-mail pen-friends to help their students in their studies in these areas. Other teachers have been exploiting the World-Wide Web to enhance and enrich the curriculum in all subject areas. There are, of course, three components to the Internet: e-mail, Usenet newsgroups, and the World-Wide Web. While e-mail and the World-Wide Web have found a number of educational applications and there is much literature reporting on these, there has been less use of and less written about Usenet newsgroups. One educational institution that has capitalized fairly extensively on Usenet newsgroups is the Canadian university.


Published: Barbour, Michael. "Evaluating Online Discussion Forums: Usenet Newsgroups and the Classroom." The Morning Watch 26.1-2 (1998).