Helping Boys Succeed in School: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers

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Many parents and educators today are worried about the education of smart girls, especially in areas like math and science, but what about their male counterparts? According to a U.S. Census Bureau report (2004), boys drop out of school at a 25% higher rate than girls. In addition, the current trend sees more girls enrolling in college than boys. Boys need to be given the tools they need to succeed in school, including strategies for channeling their interests, keeping themactively engaged, increasing their participation in humanities classes like language arts, and dealing with the unique social and emotional problems they face in school. The authors, leaders in the field of education, combine field-tested strategies and advice with case studies of boys across the nation to give smart young boys and their parents a strong guide for ensuring boys'success in school and the future.[Descriptive content provided by Syndetics™, a Bowker service].

Table of contents: What's going on with the boys? -- No girl stuff -- What's going on with the schools? -- Encouraging boys' interest in reading -- Encouraging boys' interest in writing -- Alternative educational programs that empower boys to succeed -- Bullying -- Boys in athletics -- Mentoring boys -- Developing boys' talent -- When boys struggle -- Cracking the "boy code" -- The future.


Neu, Terry W., Weinfeld, Richard. Helping Boys Succeed in School: A Practical Guide for Parents and Teachers. Waco, TX: Prufrock Press, 2007. Print.

ISBN: 9781593631987 (pbk.)