Securing the Human: A Review of Literature on Broadening Diversity in Cybersecurity Education

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Recent global demand for cybersecurity professionals is promising, with the U.S. job growth rate at 28%, three times the national average [1]. In a global survey, 2,300 security managers reported that 59% of their security positions were unfilled, although 82% anticipated cyberattacks to their systems [2]. At the same time, the cybersecurity field is broadening, not only in technical concepts but also in human factors, business processes, and international law. The field has not become culturally diversified, however. Professionals hired in 2018 included only 24.9% women, 12.3% African Americans, and 6.8% Latinos [3]. These realities create an opportunity for higher education: diversify the profession while increasing the numbers of skilled computer scientists. New and integrated methods of attracting student populations in the field of cybersecurity are needed. This working group report analyzes the outcomes and approaches used in higher education to diversify the cybersecurity field through a review of the literature, identification of gaps, and recommendations for cybersecurity education researchers and practitioners.


ISBN: 9781450375672