VowPass: Novel Method to Generate Secure and Memorable Passwords

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Passwords are the most common authentication mechanism that defenses against unauthorized access to computers and personal information. However, due to increase online accounts' number and password complexity roles, users struggle to create a different password for each account and remember each one that created differently. Consequently, for these challenges, there has been increasing in insecure users' behaviors such as using predictable data, personal information, dictionary words, or a unified password. These habits expose users and organization to intensive risk. Password memorability increasing is an important factor to reduce users' unsecure behaviors. Protect passwords from begin cracked in automation “dictionary or brute force” increases security level. So, having a method to create a unique formula that generates different passwords complying with the best practices and policies that related to passwords with the ability to remember and regenerate. That helps users and organizations to be protected from massive risk and danger. The paper proposed two novel algorithms to facilitate secure password generation, improve memorability, and reduce the chance of a successful dictionary or brute force attack.


4th International Conference on Signal Processing and Information Security (ICSPIS), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Abdulrahman Alhamed is a graduate student in the School of Computer Science and Engineering.