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This chapter addresses the Other’s Stare of gendered and raced bodies who visually rupture and resist their discursive formation in Networked Knowledge Communities (NKCs). New multimodal texts described as “texts that exceed the alphabetic and may include still and moving images, animations, color, words, music and sound” (Takayoshi & Selfe, 2007, p. 1), contribute greatly to the situated nature of knowledge production by NKCs in the postmodern “network society” (Castells, 1996). NKCs are learning communities that “proactively participate in building and advancing knowledges” (Gurung, 2014, p. 2). While NKCs are idealized as sites for progressive socio-political transformation, this chapter argues NKCs are also antagonistic visual spheres where images of gendered and raced bodies are used as metadata to ideologically contain, construct, and constitute them. Using a rhetorical perspective, the chapter reveals the discursive formation of the gendered and raced Other and how they preserve their visual image-making with the oppositional stare.





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