Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision

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Counselor Education Teaching Idea


One-minute essay, academic engagement, research training, counselor education, personalized feedback.

Subject Area

Counselor Education


Content analysis was used to explore student perceptions of two uses of a one-minute essay (OME) in separate semesters of a counseling research course. Each week, participants (N = 48) answered OME questions addressing what they learned and what questions remained unanswered following the class. The utility of the OME was compared to a modified OME, which also included brief personalized feedback provided by the instructor. Findings indicate that both applications of the OME helped facilitate self-reflection on learning and enhanced recall and review of content covered in course readings and lectures. Participants who received personalized responses to their OME from the course instructor each week were more likely to report that the OME increased their engagement in the course.





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