Media Literacy, Equity, and Justice

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This book brings together a range of perspectives that address the past, present, and future of media literacy, equity and justice. Straddling media studies, literacy education, and social justice education, this book comes at a time when the media’s role as well as our media intake and perceptions are being disrupted. As a result, questions of censorship, free speech, accountability abound, and nuance is often lost. This book is an antidote to the challenges facing media literacy education: chapters offer a careful examination of important and hot topics, including AI, authenticity, representation, climate change, activism and more.

Addressing the continually evolving role of media and its impact on our society and shared knowledge base, the volume is organized around five themes: Misinformation and Disinformation; Media Representation; Civic Media, Politics and Policy; Eco Media Literacy; Education and Equity, Ethical Quandaries and Ideologies; and Emerging Technologies. Ideal for courses on media literacy and new literacies, this book furthers the conversation on the ways literacy and social justice are connected to educational communities in local and global contexts.


ISBN 9780367761257 (pbk.); 9781032007809 (hardcover); 9781003175599 (ebook).

Media Literacy, Equity, and Justice  book cover