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This article seeks to identify the mediating role of marketing resources and capabilities in small and medium enterprises (SMEs)—poverty alleviation relationship. A qualitative approach of conceptualization of the interconnectedness of the major variables of the study is undertaken. Despite several development programs of SMEs and poverty alleviation, the poverty level of Nigerian SMEs has dragged with incidence of high SMEs failure. Marketing resources and capabilities are suggested as probable missing links between SMEs and profitable exchanges that lead to wealth creation, thus alleviating and eradicating poverty. While empirical study in this direction is vital, the current conceptual model shows that SMEs operators would help in the elimination of poverty by acquisition of necessary marketing knowledge, skills, and capabilities to identify the customers’ needs, establish vital relationships with them through requisite ego drive, empathy, and capability to change, and thus keep them sold. Prior research concerning SMEs and poverty alleviation in Nigeria has been limited to finance. The findings of the present research have implications for the role of marketing as the ultimate source of profitable growth through exchanges and wealth creation that will help in eradicating poverty.



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