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Purpose– The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of a successful model on how to prepare business students to be successful in a new, post-pandemic world that faces enormous social challenges.

Design/methodology/approach– The article discusses the current business and social movements that suggest the relevance of social entrepreneurship and explain the pedagogical model developed at the Center for Nonprofits at Sacred Heart University.

Findings– The article suggests how this pedagogical model may provide students with the skills, attitudes and values required for successful social entrepreneurship processes.

Research limitations/implications– The article presents the current picture which will undoubtedly changes over time. Thus the context is time constrained. The article presents one model to develop leaders' skills. There are many other models and experiences that should be considered and evaluated.

Practical implications– The case explains a key initiative that can help universities improve pedagogical tools on building students’ social entrepreneurship skills and extend this impact to their success in the postpandemic environment and impact on surrounding communities.

Social implications– There is a growing need for business leaders to have sophisticated business skills and purpose beyond financial profit. The article looks at the dual roles of social entrepreneurs as a model for the leaders and the Nonprofit Center at Sacred Heart University to develop the skills of the future leaders.

Originality/value– The article presents a new vision of the skills necessary for a leader in today’s environment. It draws from the literature on social entrepreneurship. It also presents one model that has been successful for 15 years and the pedagogical underpinnings of that model.



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