The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Program at Sacred Heart University empowers and educates students through a values-based education, emphasizing a vision for occupational justice.


Submissions from 2022


The Role of Hand Therapy in Returning to Safe Driving Following an Orthopedic Upper Extremity Injury or Surgery, Lori Algar and Brenda Tejeda

Submissions from 2019


Missing Pieces and Misconceptions: Public Understanding of Occupational Therapy, Heather Miller-Kuhaneck, Erin Coutts, Brenna DeStefano, Andrea Gallo, Caitlin Kaczynski, Giana Marucci, Kristen Mourao, and Jennifer Vialonga

Submissions from 2018


Pulley Injuries in Rock Climbers: Hand Therapy Clinical Application, Lori Algar and Matthew Moschetto

Submissions from 2017


Outdoor Leisure Occupation: The Impact of Women’s Fear of Violence on Engagement and Enjoyment, Jaclyn Bria, Sophia Kon, Malia Norman, Alina Pulfrey, Zachary Schafer, and Heather Miller-Kuhaneck