About This Journal

Submission Guidelines

The Sacred Heart University Scholar is an e-journal dedicated to the research of our undergraduate students. Its goal is to share exemplary scholarship from all disciplines within the University community and beyond.

We are interested in empirical studies and graphical abstracts, analytical essays, and studies or projects that make an original contribution to a discipline. It is open to current students and alumni who have graduated within a calendar-year of the submission deadline.

To have a manuscript considered, faculty mentors should submit it, via email, in a Word docx or rtf file of no more than 15 pages to michelss@sacredheart.edu. The deadlines are June 15 for Fall volumes and January 15 for the Spring.

Articles should include 3-5 keywords and use a recognized academic citation style (MLA, Chicago, APA). Articles longer than five pages should also include a brief (150-200 word) abstract.


The journal has no requirements about formatting for initial submissions. It is the responsibility of the author to adhere to formatting guidelines, which are given upon acceptance.

Restrictions and Permissions

Authors must own the copyright for material. Authors must also obtain permission from copyright owners for all images used in articles. Articles cannot have been published or be under consideration elsewhere.

The authors assign to the Scholar all copyrights for the article. Reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution or use of the article or any material therein, in any medium as permitted by a personal-use exemption or by written agreement of the journal, requires credit to Sacred Heart University Scholar as copyright holder.

The author retains copyright of the work. The author grants to Sacred Heart University and the Sacred Heart University Scholar a non-exclusive license to print, publish, reproduce, and/or distribute the work in print and/or online, and to publicize the work. The author agrees not to publish the work in print or digital form prior to publication by the journal. Posting of the article on the author(s) personal website does not require permission, provided that the website is non-commercial.