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Highlights include: A review of the top ten majors at Sacred Heart University for the period fall ’90-spring ’95 shows growth in psychology and criminal justice, while business dropped by 50% --Students attending a recent talk by Judith Lynch entitled “Date Rape: Conversations About Violence Toward Women On College Campuses,” walked away with a better understanding of date rape as well as the crisis services available on this campus --First-year students in the 1995-1996 academic year may get a jump-start on the “information super-highway” whether they ask for it or not. SHU is studying a proposal that will put each incoming student online. The proposal recommends that a mandatory notebook computer be included in the students’ tuition, providing them with 24-hour access to library resources and the Internet. The structure of several first year classes will evolve to incorporate an on-line format --Technology: Computers Latest Entertainment Rage. As technologies increase so will the advantages of CD-ROM and its usefulness will become even more apparent --The Art Department consists of three studios, a Macintosh computer lab and an office centered around a lobby area in the basement of the north wing near the Registrar’s Office. The instructors and professors teach their students how to present their work in a professional manner. “The students have to sell their work to us as if they were trying to win over an employee,” said Robert McLeod, the graphics professor.



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