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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Thomas J. Trebon is leaving after five years at Sacred Heart University --Thomas J. Pepe, Ph.D., associate professor of education and former head of the department of education at SHU died suddenly last Friday at the age of 71 --Shelley Lyford, an outstanding sophomore athlete and active student within the University and in the community, became the first SHU recipient of a scholarship from the National Security Education Program for her study abroad trip next year to Central America --Insufficient classes and classroom space have become a hot issue on campus --This year’s incoming first year students will receive a notebook computer during freshman seminar. They will be taught how to use it during and outside of class. The next project SHU is working on is connecting the notebook computers to the library --Welded metal masks and Chine colie monoprints by renowned artist and storyteller Suzanne Benton are among the works featured in a solo exhibit, entitled “An Artist's Working Journey Through India and East Africa,” at The Gallery of Contemporary Art --Omega Phi Kappa,“The power of unity with the power of diversity” reads the banner posted inside the Dining Hall representing SHU's latest fraternity --Perhaps the main reason for the success of the Learning Center is the program “Project CLASS” (Classroom Learning Assistants: Student to Student) which began in the fall of 1993 --Kathy Bump and Flora Goodloe: co-news editors for the Spectrum --Rugby club keeps up winning ways --Sacred Heart equestrian team member Amy Spaulding is preparing for Nationals in Colorado --Softball team ranked 17th in the nation.



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