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As increasing numbers of organizations adopt the balanced scorecard (BSC) to align strategy with operations and measure progress toward meeting strategic goals, the importance of successful communication of the scorecard throughout the organization has become apparent. Successful implementation and effective use of the BSC occurs when organizational stakeholders recognize its role, use, and benefits. In the March/April 2003 issue of Cost Management, we detailed how Bridgeport Hospital, a member of Yale New Haven Health System (YNHHS), adopted the BSC and used the scorecard to align capital investment decisions with strategy.1 In this article, we will profile how the hospital designed a communication strategy to successfully communicate and indeed market the balanced scorecard to internal stakeholder groups. The goal is to ensure that all internal stakeholders understand the importance of the scorecard, accept its role in operationalizing strategy, and visualize how their day-to-day activities affect the hospital's goals and strategy.


Published: Gumbus, Andra, Bridget Lyons, and Tom Wilson. "Designing a Strategy to Effectively Communicate the Balanced Scorecard." Journal of Cost Management 18.2 (2004): 35-39.



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