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Social media arid the techniques and processes related to marketing using social media are changing at an incredible rate and will require continual monitoring for those involved in-social media research. As such, we identified the need for sport marketing researchers who are abductive thinkers who can design, combine and use innovative research methodologies as stimulated by the continually evolving technology. Ultimately, however, research prospects related to social media and sport marketing are vast for scholars and marketing professionals alike, and are replete with opportunities for designing new research methodologies.


Santomier, James and Patricia Hogan. "Social Media and Prosumerism: Implications for Sport Marketing Research." Handbook of Research on Sport and Business. Söderman and Dolles, eds. Cheltenham; Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013.

ISBN 9781849800051 (hardcover); 9781781005866 (e-book)



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