Testing Alternative Cultural Explanations of Managers’ Values across the U.S.-Canada Border

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Research about the implications that cultural differences have for managers in different parts of Anglophone Canada and the United States, like management studies of regional culture throughout the world, have been based on varied, narrowly focused theories and have reached varied conclusions. Here, we identify and compare theories about immigrant group characteristics and contemporary socioeconomic characteristics that figure strongly in research comparing Canada, the United States, and their regions. We summarize the predictions that each immigration theory and each socioeconomic characteristic makes for the two implications of culture that are most prominent in regional studies of North America – self-reliance and deference to authority. We conclude with thoughts about the potential contributions of culture research about North American regions along with theories of culture emergence and change that need to be revised or added to them to advance research about cultural regions of Europe.


Published online 24 July 2023.

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