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Highlights include: Gerald Ford, What kind of conservationist / by Fred Small and Sheldon Kinsel --Dr. Stanislav-Adolf Mikolic, professor of political science and sociology at SHU, has travelled extensively since coming to the U.S. from Spain in 1957. His purpose was to visit the most important historical places that he had studied in high school, to study the economic and social conditions under which different political systems operate, to become personally acquainted with various cultures --Some facts on world hunger --Candidates for Governor: Robert Steele and Ella Grasso --Campus ministry notes: At SHU we are trying to make education a humanizing experience, developing a mentality for ministry, for compassion, for service tempered with justice --On stage at the Cabaret Theatre: Claude McNeal's "Decades", with songs that characterized American culture from Civil War times up to present day --WSHU fall schedule --Sports: soccer, Ms. basketball, baseball.



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