Submissions from 2013


Integrating Interactive Technology to Promote Learner Autonomy: Challenges and Rewards, Marie A. Hulme, Jaya Kannan, María Lizano-DiMare, and Pilar Munday

Submissions from 2012


Blended Learning in Anesthesia Education: Current State and Future Model, Jaya Kannan and Viji Kurup

Submissions from 2011


MCNY DL Case-Study: Paradigm Shift in Serving Predominantly Black Minority Students, Jaya Kannan and Tilokie Depoo


Using Learning Goals to Promote Self-Directedness: How Problems in Research led to Solutions in Teaching, Jaya Kannan, Larry Lutsky, Lisa Bauer, and Yasmine Alwan

Submissions from 2009


Case Study of Connected Knowing in an Online Learning Environment, Jaya Kannan and John Laurence Miller


The Positive Role of Negative Emotions: Fear, Anxiety, Conflict and Resistance as Productive Experiences in Academic Study and in the Emergence of Learner Autonomy, Jaya Kannan and John Laurence Miller